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French Executive Portfolio

Exclusively for expats in France

The French Executive Portfolio is a medium-to long-term life insurance product (eight years or longer) that can adapt as your life unfolds. Provided by Quilter International Ireland dac (Quilter International Ireland) it is an ‘assurance vie’ (life assurance) product specifically designed for expats living in France.

What makes the French Executive Portfolio stand out is its flexibility. It can be tailored to suit your individual needs and ultimately help you to achieve your life goals, whether that’s growing or preserving your financial worth, helping your children get on in life or simply enabling you to retire with a lifestyle you want.

With the French Executive Portfolio, you can:

  • open a policy with a premium of €75,000* or more
  • add extra lump sums of at least €7,500*
  • take advantage of a wide range of assets from many of the world's leading fund managers and major stock exchanges
  • enjoy flexible access to your capital by taking regular or one-off withdrawals, as long as there is a Minimum Residual Value of €15,000* or at least 15% of the total investment remaining.

*or currency equivalent.

Features and benefits

French Executive Portfolio

The six key benefits of the French Executive Portfolio are:

  • Tax efficiency - As the product is provided by Quilter International Ireland who are based in the Republic of Ireland, you benefit from Tax-free growth. This means the policy can grow in value virtually tax free, except for any withholding taxes that may be deducted at source from interest and dividends in your country of origin.
  • Portability - As an offshore insurance policy, it can move with you, wherever you live and for however long and it may remain a highly tax efficient product for wealth planning in many countries.
  • ‘Droits de succession’ (Inheritance Tax) - This tax applies to individual beneficiaries according to the amount inherited and your relationship to the deceased.
  • Freedom to pass on wealth – you can choose who you nominate as your beneficiaries. A nomination or ‘Clause bénéficiaire démembrée avec quasiusufruit’ allows you to keep control of how your wealth is passed to your heirs.
  • Simplicity for tax reporting - Quilter International Ireland has a fiscal representative in France with responsibility for reporting on and the payment of personal income tax on savings income on withdrawals as described in the Tax note.
  • Extensive investment opportunities – This is not offered by all assurance vie providers and this broad range of funds, stocks and shares meet the strict regulations in France and the European Union for this type of life assurance product.

Best International Portfolio Bond Award

The French Executive Portfolio won Best International Portfolio Bond at the International Adviser Global Financial Services Awards 2020.

Each year, International Adviser hosts the Global Financial Services Awards to recognise product and service providers across industry who are working with financial advisers and wealth managers to deliver the best outcomes for clients.

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