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Wealth Interactive

Stay in touch with your investments online

What is Wealth Interactive?

Wealth Interactive is our online service that gives you quick and easy access to information about your Quilter International portfolio bond, helping you work in close partnership with your adviser.

Wealth Interactive gives you secure access to everything you need to know about your bond:

  • its current value
  • how your assets are performing
  • a record of the transactions you or your adviser make
  • your regular policy valuation statements.

Features and benefits

Through Wealth Interactive, you can:

  • change your personal details, such as your address or contact information
  • sign in to review your policy, including your portfolio of assets
  • check the latest available figures and facts about your investments
  • keep up to date with changes made by your financial adviser
  • approve transactions that your adviser recommends
  • access your policy correspondence quickly and easily from your document library.

Plus access all this information at any time of the day or night, wherever you are, using a computer, tablet or smart phone.

How will Wealth Interactive benefit me?

Extra reassurance

  • feel engaged with your investment
  • see how it’s performing and react quickly to any changes
  • confidently discuss your wealth with your financial adviser, because you’ll have all the facts you need.

Reduce paperwork and waiting time

  • approve key transactions electronically - reducing the need for you to sign forms and file paperwork
  • seamless processing - less waiting around for approval or valuations
  • correspondence from Quilter International will be available in your online account.

How do I register for Wealth Interactive?

When you take out a new portfolio bond, you’ll automatically be sent an email as part of the set-up process that lets you register for your Wealth Interactive online account.

Already have a portfolio bond with Quilter International?

Register for Wealth Interactive